segunda-feira, 22 de agosto de 2011

The Room

 The room gave the impression that happy, contented people lived there; however, Ben kept a secret that he couldn't reveal to anybody. Inside the top drawer of his cabinet the college student kept a book with a brown leather cover, which contained a list of names in alphabetical order. An ordinary list maybe, if it weren't the fact that all the names of the list belonged to teenage girls whose talent to break Ben's heart was widely notorious.
 Ben had never been so popular, in high school he didn't take a girl to the prom; there wasn't a single girl that would like to have such a weirdo as her date. At college things hadn't been different - he tried to ask some girls out, but none of them gave him a chance. Little did they know that Ben was planning to take a revenge on them. The twenty-three-year-old-boy started polishing his collection of blades. There were about twelve sharp-pointed blades ready to be used, just waiting for the perfect occasion; Ben thought it was about time to start using them. Being alone in his bedroom on Valentine's Day was the last straw for Ben; he was decided to put and end to his misery, but before that he would like to make a couple of unexpected visits.

Reconstituição da obra Quarto em Arles (1888), de Van Gogh.

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