domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

When I Get Older

When I get older, I’ll fantasize about life:
By imagining I had pretty children and a beautiful wife.
When I get older, I’ll feel as if I passed a stage
I will have neither gray hair nor will my skin age.

When I get older, I will look back on time;
I’ll wish I had dated more often and had more duties denied.
When I get older, I hope I will have true friends.
They won’t care about money or if I wear fancy brands.

When I get older, I guess I will feel more pain.
Learning that it is a process, and it results in the gain.
When I get older I think I might have some more love;
Love to my friends and family, even to a simple dove.

Although to this question, I just have a clue:
Maybe when I get older I'll answer it to you.

Safety Last.1923.

2 comentários:

  1. Uau! Não sabia que você é poeta, além de ótimo professor de inglês! Lindos textos! Passarei sempre por aqui... Bjs!