domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

Guess Who Is Coming For Dinner?

 I always pay you a visit, which is generally fast, but it is really hard to miss. I do not need an invitation – first, because it is part of your nature and second, because if I do not visit you it might indicate that there is something wrong going on. Sometimes, I show up when you are expecting me, but I can also drop by unannounced. Even though my visits are not so pleasant, you appreciate it when I show up, because I can help you not to get into trouble, that is why, as strange as it might seem, we cannot live apart.
 I am very selective and I do not visit everybody; I am just into girls. I have a best friend; although her physical appearance is undefined, she is quite remarkable, and we are always together, even though she is not the easiest person to deal with. She is not a monster and you might not feel bothered by her, only people around you might. Her most striking feature is her mood, which tends to be a little murky. If you have never seen me before you might feel a little scared at first, I have a rather unpleasant appearance. Since I am quite demanding, you cannot receive me unprepared, but then you get used to me; after all, my visits happen very often; like it or not you need me as much as I need you. My friend controls your emotions and, as I have already said before, I can prevent you from having premature-life-changing experiences. I appreciate your hospitality, that is why my visits might be helpful in return.
 When I show up, I am very possessive. I am a little jealous of you and I keep you from doing things you might like, such as swimming or sex, to remind you that I am right there. I am not envious or anything like that, I just like to be the center of your attention when I visit you. You might feel a little annoyed when my friend is around, she makes you feel easily irritated and, sometimes a little emotional. She can persuade you to do things which you might regret later. She likes to be in the spotlight. I am not jealous though, after all she overproctects me you know. In a nutshell, I am essential as the air you breathe; however, I don't need to be around so often to be noticed.

Hannah Starkey. Sem Título. 1998.

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